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OUR PCB design capabilities

In the highly-competitive field of printed circuit board design, assembly, and fabrication, our designers understand that they must go the extra mile in order to win a customer’s business.
  • Our full turn-key hardware design services include:
  • Board Design and Layout:
  • About Hi-Tech Circuit(PCBA)
  • Design idea development, block diagram, power estimate

  • Schematic capture, BOM cost estimate

  • Enclosure/chassis design

  • PCB floor-plan study

  • PCB layout design

  • Thermal/Power Simulation

  • Power Integrity and Signal Integrity analysis

  • PCB fabrication and assembly

  • Board bring-up and testing

  • Hardware user manual, application notes

Board Design:

  • System & Board Level Architecture Specification

  • Engineering Design Specification

  • Component Selection

  • Component Obsolescence & Planning

  • Symbol Creation

  • Schematic Drawing/Capture

  • Timing Analysis

  • Netlist Generation

  • BOM Generation

  • Tools: (OrCAD, Concept HDL Altium, PADs, Expedition)

PCB Layout:

  • Footprint Creation

  • Placement

  • Routing

  • Power DC Drop Simulation

  • Power Integrity and Signal Integrity Simulation

  • Gerber Generation

  • Tools: (Allegro, Altium, PADs, Expedition)

Hi-Tech Circuit(PCBA) founded in 2018 ,Located in ShenZhen, GuangDong Privince China. We specialize in manufacturing and selling high-precision, high-density double-sided PCBs and multilayer PCBs, also PCB Assembly and Electronic Manufacturing Service. Our company provide samples and mass production, rapid delivery and services to customers worldwide.Our dedicated team of experts ensures the highest quality standards, integrating cutting-edge technology into every assembly.

Quality is the cornerstone of our operations. Through rigorous testing and adherence to industry standards, we ensure that each PCB assembly leaving our facilities is of the highest quality. Our commitment to quality extends to every phase of the assembly process. Embark on your electronic journey with Hi-Tech Circuit – where precision meets innovation, and ideas become reality.

Testing and equipment

Our 30,000 sqm state-of-the-art campus in Shenzhen contains state-of-the-art equipment needed to manufacture and assemble PCBs. There's a reason KFPCBA leads the industry in both quality and performance.Contact Us 》

Common problems of PCB design

  • 1Can I make PCB samples after design?

    We have our own PCB and SMT processing factories, which can satisfy customers with one-stop service from design to proofing

  • 2How do I charge for PCB design

    Generally 3-5RMB/PINS. This price provides invoices, contracts, confidentiality agreements, etc. Specific needs to be evaluated according to the difficulty of the product

  • 3What design materials do PCB designs output to customers?

    Design data output: PCB source files, Gerber files, assembly files, steel mesh files, structure files, etc.

  • 4What does the design process include?

    Design specifications, design instructions, customer design requirements and related CHECKLISTs, provide layout files, structure files for customers to conduct layout review; customers confirm the rationality of the layout, stacking scheme, impedance scheme, structure, packaging, and confirm the wiring parameters

  • 5What information do I need to provide for PCB design?

    The customer needs to provide information: schematic diagram, netlist, structure diagram, device data to be built in the library, design requirements, etc.

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